Hire veteran CTOs for big-brain, technical tasks.

We help create high-output engineering teams.

CTO services, democratized

Whether you're a non-technical founder or a up-and-running development team, cto.studio can help aleviate some of the technical pains.

Technical Interviews

The perfect compliment to your recruiting funnel.

Offload the technical quesion and answer part of your hiring to a veteran CTO.


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Our process spans understanding the role all the way through easily understanding the candidates strengths and weaknesses in an easily-digestible report.

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Code Reviews

Have a CTO check in on your project at any stage. We'll do a full code walkthrough with you and/or your technical team.

Enterprise Services

We'll custom cater a package to any stage team.

Services include:

  • Virutal team building
  • Bootstrap + project setup
  • CTO coaching
  • Hosting setup, pipeline + release management
  • Technical and architectural strategy

“Working with cto.studio was a massive succcess. They helped get our whole project and teamp setup, literally saved us months of work.”

Robert Stephens
Founder, GeekSquad