The Carfax Report for Technical Hires

Don't hire a CTO or VP of Engineering without knowing their strengths. Let our CTO's run a 6-factor technical interview for your senior engineering leadership hires.

Hire the Right CTO

We have our own 6-factor technical interview matrix that gets you everything you need to know about your candidate.

  • Previous Experience

    We work backwards from most recent through relevant experience to see what the candidate was responsible for in their previous roles.

  • Leadership + Hiring

    How do they think about building a great engineering team? Where do they find candidates, interview, and hire?

  • Technology Stack

    Most candidates claim expertise across many stacks but most are typically experts in one particular. Let us make sure that their experience overlaps with your own company's stack.

  • Engineering Workflow

    How does this candidate run their engineering teams? We typically discuss with them from a new-hire perspective, and have them walk us through how to get involved in the codebase and how to ship features.

  • Problem Solving

    How does the candidate think about solving problems at a higher level? This is a critical skill in architecting larger, complex systems.

  • Cultural Fit

    We like to see what sort of cultural fit they will be at your company. How would they describe their strengths and weaknesses? How do they recommend others to best work with themselves?

The perfect compliment to your recruiting funnel.

Hiring the wrong CTO or VP of Engineering can cost your company a fortune? Let us make sure you're getting a high-output technical leader.

Technical Interviews

For a small addition to what you're paying your recruiter we can help you make 100% sure you're getting the right candidate.


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After purchase we'll send you a scheduling link that let's you set a time for us to do the interview

What you get:

  • Company and hiring position questionaire.
  • 1 hour from a senior CTO to conduct your interview.
  • Full-page debrief on the candidate.
  • Video recording of the interview.


“Working with cto.studio was a massive succcess. They helped get our whole project and teamp setup, literally saved us months of work.”

Robert Stephens
Founder, GeekSquad

“We have used cto.studio to do countless technical interviews for our engineering leadership positions. It's saved us a tremendous amount of time and money to know a candidate's strengths and weaknesses before we hire.”

Ryan Mickle
CRO, Diversyfund